Peaking Sticker

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These are stickers, printed with Canon ink on waterproof glossy or waterproof matte sticker paper.  They come in three sizes; 1", 2" and 3".


During a visit to the Melrose Trading Post a girl, who wore a beret with colorful beads sewn on top, captured my attention.  It was such a cute personalization that I felt inspired to include it in this piece.  "Peaking" is when your whole body feels like a cloud and your heart flutters gently like a butterfly trapped inside your chest.  There are tingly sensations in your breast, stomach, arms and legs.  You feel this immense amount of euphoria wash over you as your soul floats into the ether of existence.  (And damn does the music hit hard)


I illustrated these in Procreate.  For stickers, I transfer the PNGs to Photoshop and create an entire sheet that I can print/cut with my Cricut.  This will be printed and packaged personally from konekokaci’s apartment. Stickers are covered with recycled paper for protection and shipped in an envelope with board backings.  I may need a few days to let the ink set + get to the local post office. :)