About the Artist

Hello Everyone!
My name is Kaci and welcome to my little shop. I started this shop because art is my passion and now I'm just seeing where this takes me.

Thank you for all the love and support! <3

Shop Name:

"koneko" means kitten in Japanese.  I chose the name koneko because kittens are so cute and I resonate with cats the most.  

Logo Design:

After settling on the name koneko I decided to make my logo a melting cat because I wanted it to be kawaii and strange at the same time.  I find obscure things interesting and wanted to incorporate that into my logo, also, I believe I was envisioning melting ice cream at the time. LOL.

Favorite Anime:

SAILOR MOON DUH!  Sailor Moon holds a very special place in my heart.  I remember the first time I saw it was at my Grandma's (I think it was the final battle with Queen Beryl).  Sadly I had to take a bocha and by the time I was done so was the episode.  It intrigued me so much that I did everything I could to find more Sailor Moon episodes.  I bought a ton of VHS tapes and I was often tardy to school because every morning at 7:15AM I would try to sneak quietly downstairs to watch it.  I was in..1st grade...so I've been drawing for about 21yrs now!


Favorite Color:

What a difficult question...I do like specific colors such as; periwinkle, dusty rose, lavender, chartreuse and aqua.  It's hard to settle on a singular color because each has their own personality; I develop a connection to certain color(s) depending on how I'm feeling.    

物の哀れ (mono no aware):

This is my favorite phrase.  The literal translation of 物の哀れ is "the pathos of things" however, the context is much more complex.  物の哀れ can mean that something becomes more beautiful to us because we know it is impermanent.  The cherry blossom is the most notable symbol of 物の哀れ because the blossoms will wither and die after the spring season has passed.  Memories and experiences can also be applied to 物の哀れ.  Our memories and experiences are moments in time that we cannot hold onto forever.  Knowing these moments will pass and leave, brings a bittersweet acceptance; this is also 物の哀れ.