Greeting Cards : Koneko Matcha Desserts

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These are greeting cards printed with Canon ink onto cardstock.  Cards come with a white envelope.  Each card is packaged individually in a cellophane baggie.  


Matcha is my FAVORITE flavor for deserts in any shape or form. This particular design is inspired by Japanese kawaii aesthetics and all my koneko matcha flavored confections. Enjoy~ 


I illustrated this in Procreate. This is a made-to-order piece that will be printed and packaged personally from konekokaci’s apartment. Art is placed in a cellophane bag for protection and shipped in an envelope.  I may need a few days to let the ink set + get to the local post office. :) 

*after purchasing please visit the "Contact Me" page and message me which dessert design(s) you would like.  

For every 5 cards you purchase you get 1 free.

-roll cake
-crepe cake
-mochi donuts
-ice cream