Jomon Neko

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This is a high quality art print that delivers longevity in its vibrant colours with exceptional sharpness and detail.  We use a Canon inkjet printer, Canon ink and Canon photo paper semi-gloss finish.  Canon inks are formulated to produce accurate colours that won't fade.  The semi-gloss finish produces a velvety texture that has low glare and softened sheen.

*available in sizes 4x6 or 8.5x11.  There is a white border on both sizes.


These tattoo markings are inspired by Jomon culture pottery and the amazing work from tattoo artist Taku Oshima (IG: @taku_oshima_tattoo) 

[Brief Jomon Culture Digest]

Jomon culture is the earliest major culture of prehistoric Japan.  It is believed that they consisted of multiple heterogeneous hunter gather groups that lived in the Japanese archipelago.  There are no signs of them overtaking other villages to expand or buildings walls for protection; they lead a very peaceful life.  They may have had a profound sense of gratitude towards nature and understood the fraction of their existence in life.  Perhaps this greatly contributed to the artistic crafts they produced ranging from wood carving, lacquering and most notably pottery.


I illustrated these in Procreate. This is a made-to-order piece that will be printed and packaged personally from konekokaci’s apartment. Art is placed in a cellophane bag for protection and shipped in an envelope.  I may need a few days to let the ink set + get to the local post office. :)