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This is a high quality art print that delivers longevity in its vibrant colours with exceptional sharpness and detail.  We use a Canon inkjet printer, Canon ink and Canon photo paper semi-gloss finish.  Canon inks are formulated to produce accurate colours that won't fade.  The semi-gloss finish produces a velvety texture that has low glare and softened sheen.

*available in sizes *4x5 or 8.5x11


Surrender yourself to a state of ecstatic euphoria.

Psychedelic therapy is reemerging.  Clinical trails show positive results in helping those who suffer from PTSD, addiction, depression and anxiety.  It puts you in a state of mind where you feel 'safe', permeable to empathetic reflection/insight/memories, and dissolves your psychological defense mechanisms.  I think it’s important to explore and discover new ways to remap/reprogram the brain.  There is so much we don’t understand about neurology and we need more ways to help people so it can compound to a healthier world.


I illustrated these in Procreate. This is a made-to-order piece that will be printed and packaged personally from konekokaci’s apartment. Art is placed in a cellophane bag for protection and shipped in an envelope.  I may need a few days to let the ink set + get to the local post office. :) 


If you purchase this print, I will donate a portion to organizations that fund psychedelic therapy research.  I found a few; MAPS, John Hopkins, and Hakomi Institute. If you would like to indicate a different organization please contact me and let me know!