Spirited Away : Consumed by Greed

Spirited Away : Consumed by Greed

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*watermarks will be removed before printing

This piece is part of my fanart series dedicated to one of my greatest inspirations, Hayao Miyazaki.  Art is printed on Canon Paper Plus Semi Gloss paper, available in sizes *4x5 or 8.5x11 (Canon Paper Plus Semi Gloss paper has a soft glossy finish with low glare).


I am mesmerized by this scene.😍 Visually I love the vibrant colors and assortment of food mess EVERYWHERE🍣🍱🥟🍚🦞🐟  Story-wise, this is such an important moment in Chihiro's character development; her bravery is effortlessly captured during this sequence.  Also there's so much symbolism in No Face🤮; greed has transformed him into a fat oozing monster.  


Last year, I got a trial subscription for HBO max to binge watch all the Hayao Miyazaki films they had.  While watching Howl's Moving Castle, I took screenshots of my favorite scenes. Then I transferred the screen shot to my phone so I could look at the scene while illustrating it in Procreate. This is a made-to-order piece that will be printed and packaged personally from konekokaci’s apartment. Art is placed in a cellophane bag for protection and shipped in an envelope.  I may need a few days to let the ink set + get to the local post office. :)